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Although I began my career using traditional mediums, I work primarily with digital media now. I have benefited technically from my early experience with traditional mediums. I think my work reflects a thorough understanding of form, color and value. My work also shows a thorough understanding of design principles. So... all of those college tuition dollars were not wasted.

A mastery of craft, a good work ethic, and the ability to work well with others are vital in this industry. I receive satisfaction from a job well done and in a timely manner.

I am (probably, hopefully) the easiest person to work with in the entire industry. My belief is that if I give clients what they want, when they want it, with as little pain as possible, they will come back. Clients that come back time after time are an indication that something is going right.

I love what I do. I hope it shows.

Micah Harman


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